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[Avengers-Doctor Who] Wimbledon in Budapest (master post)
Title: Wimbledon in Budapest
Fandom: Avengers-Doctor Who
Characters: Natasha Romanoff, Clint Barton, Martha Jones; Jasper Sitwell, the Master
Rating: PG13
Contains: mild violence, background character death
Word Count: 13,541
Summary: A week after the newly-elected British Prime Minister reveals himself as an alien bent on world domination, newly-minted SHIELD Agent Natasha Romanoff is sent to Budapest, where she's assigned to the Londoner medical student who can save them all. It'd be easier if Agent Sitwell wasn't breathing over her shoulder (and if Barton wasn't breathing over the other), but she can tolerate it, as long as they don't get in her way.
Notes: for marvel_bang. I will have more to say later, but right now I am far too dumbfounded that I actually managed to finish a big bang.

Thanks To: the mods of marvel_bang, for their smooth running of the comm, and their utmost patience
  • aurilly, for telling me to calm down, and the last-minute read through
  • organic_goat, for Safeway Sundays, suffering my insecurities, and for the last-last-minute beta
  • sullacat, for her ridiculously amazing artwork and fanmix

    Part One // Part Two
    sullacat's art masterpost



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