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ienublu's Journal

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This is the writing journal of ienablu.
As of 11.13.12, I've written for the MCU (tag), Doctor Who (tag), Inception (tag), Suits (tag) and Supernatural (tag) fandoms, with a penchant for crossovers (tag). A master list that actually needs to be updated can be found here.
While I put it under a 'Contains' section rather than a 'Warning' section, I label things that I feel should be labelled (character death being most likely) -- but if I feel like it will spoil part of the story, I will gray it out.
I like playing around with formatting, and I format based on what I see in the entry, so if you're viewing in your own style it might look a bit off. If there's any cases where I hardcode or need you to see it in the generic style, I'll add a note in the header saying as much.
And even if the formatting isn't played around with, I spend a bit of time making sure the story looks just right. But since the highest not-public security is members-only, membership is closed. Feel free to watch, though.
I welcome helpful nudges of typos that slipped through the net, and I like to think I am open to any constructive criticism.

Comments absolutely delight me, though I admittedly get so flattered that I have trouble replying to them. I have a document of all the comments I need to reply to, and I apologize for any delays.

And for the sake of legality: I do not own any of the series I write fanfiction for, nor do I claim to. This is solely for enjoyment, no profit is being made.